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Murder at the Panto


This game is quite raunchy and is only suitable for broad minded players, for 8 players (Age 18+).



Your attendance is requested at the final dress rehearsal of Aladdin. This adult pantomime is the latest production to be put on by Gusset-On-Navel Amateur Dramatic Society (The Society who put the sin into Sinbad but didn’t do a lot for Dick Whittington). It is a version of the traditional Arabic story and has been scripted, produced and directed by Harry Stoke-Ratt, local Councillor and owner of Gusset Hall.

The Producer and Director Harry Stoke-Ratt has climbed up into the lighting gantry to set up the stage lighting for the rehearsal but he mysteriously falls to his death.

(Note. This game was formerly on sale in the UK in boxed form)


We can confirm that there is no prospect of any dividend to the unsecured creditors (which includes your loan of £50,000) or to the ordinary shareholders (which includes your 50% share holding of 50,000 £1 ordinary shares). We have also investigated the conduct of Mr H Stoke-Ratt And can confirm that he has acted correctly under the rules of…

Your fellow thespians will include:

  • Connie Linctus – (Pharmacy owner) playing Aladdin
  • Stu N Dumplings- (Butcher) playing Widow Twanky
  • Adrian Sworl – (Builder) playing Avva Nana
  • Cass Trait – (Vet) playing Princess Badlabrador
  • Annie Seed – (Sweetshop owner) playing The Fairy Godmother
  • Shaun Deleer – (Antique Dealer) playing The Genie
  • Bess Before – (Supermarket owner) playing Tess Tickle
  • Nosmo King- (Comedian) playing Wishee Washee

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Featuring an audio mp3 introduction.

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Price: £14.99