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Our game feedback and Testimonials

The following content is genuine feedback on our games, provided by players who have played the game(s).

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The games are a great way to spend an evening with friends, each taking the role of a suspect and detective for two to three hours of intrigue, suspense and humour. – Derbyshire Life ‘Murder in Mind’

Everybody came in character and we stayed in character all evening – which was scary at times! Would recommend this site to anyone thinking of entertainment with a difference. We are busy looking for another one now as normal boring dinner parties are now off limits in this household. – Joyce and Mike Pitt

Colorado Bones and the Temple of Death


We purchased your Colorado Bones Murder Mystery game and played it with friends on Friday evening. I must say, it was fantastic; everyone really bought into their characters and has since commented on a great party and great evening. – Ian Hollings

“Colorado Bones was a fun variation on the murder mystery!” – Claire and Andy Burns

“Fantastic fun! The riddles made the game more interesting and interactive” – Claire Walker

“Very good story and the riddles made it more interesting than the previous games we’ve played. Well done.” – Ian

Death of a Highwayman

I just wanted to let you know that after playing Death of a Highwayman, our group cannot stop talking about it! We had loads of fun. I highly recommend this game for anyone. I have attached our picture with all of our costumes. – Debbie Klatt San Antonio, Texas

Death by Chocolate

We had the party on Saturday and I believe it was a huge success…if I measure it by how loud the ten 14 and 15 year old girls were! I was anxious and not sure how it would play out, but all went well and they all had a great time. – Mary Elrod

Murder at Mudstuck Festival

‘We had the party on Saturday and it was fantastic!!!
The game worked really well and I was Wanda and did not peep!!
I think equally the success was choosing the right people for the game, we have a mad friend who was Whiny Aimhouse and she bought the work did the whole outfit…….. another friend who was Travelsick Trevor was fantastic and we bought a blow up male doll for Muddy which added to the amusement.
Considering the amount of booze we drank, everyone stuck to the game (although you do have to work at keeping everyone on track) and none of us guessed the murderer!! So thanks very much, it was a great night and an excellent game which really works well because of the modern twist!! We created a camp site with pop up tents and served food as we went along!! Bloody good night!!
Kind regards – Jane Rumsay

Murder at Mudstuck Festival was entertaining and great for multiple age groups! The instructions were very helpful which made it very easy to prepare. And we loved all the characters! We will be doing this one again with the teens next month. It was clean enough for teens and we really enjoyed it! – Lisa KerseyCorbin, Kentucky

Murder at St Drinian’s.

We thought the game was excellent.
Really easy to prepare for, and to run on the night. Everyone felt it was very well organised with each envelope containing the relevant information, the clues were clear and fun to read out, and the conclusion involved a good twist at the end.
Really impressed -will definitely use your site again!
Many thanks – Kate

Murder at the Panto

Alladin and guests

‘What a great night we had with the Murder Mystery!’
We actually ‘performed’ it for 18 other guests at my works christmas party/meal and it went down a treat.
Nobody guessed who the murderer was- it was most amusing. A good night was had by all.
Thanks for a good night. – Debbie Till

Really enjoyed the game. Just the right mix of everything, we actually performed Aladdin as our Village Panto last year so it was quiet relevant.
We even sang the song!… – Richard Bartlam

Murder on Treasure Island

The “island” was decorated and we awaited the arrival of our first guests. Everyone had made a good effort to get into the spirit of the game in terms of attire and props and after the obligatory photographs (whilst everyone was not yet full of the other type of spirit!) it wasn’t long before everyone was into the game and “yo ho ho-ing” or shouting “avast there me hearties” and similar pirate exclamations; suitable aided and abetted by their props and the background sea shanty music.

As for the game and treasure map and clues… it was great! Easy to follow and understand (even as the evening sailed on) and great fun too! As for the ultimate act – no, not walking the plank, but guessing who dun it – we had the usual collection of differing opinions, all of whom swore they had to be right for their reasons stated, and ultimately 3 smug-looking pirate types who actually reasoned it out and got the right solution. A very enjoyable and well-scripted game with good costume ideas and a theme that is easy to get clothes and props for – thoroughly recommended! – Pete D’Arcy

The Revenge of the Pharaoh

Scout Troop

Our Scout Troop worked this into the finger printing Merit Badge. We defined three extra characters and gave them new clues to interact with other characters. Loads of fun, the boys REALLY enjoyed it. – Tim Whited

This is a great murder mystery and we all had loads of fun dressing up. I challenge anyone to spot the real sting in the tail. Wow what an ending!– Doug Bancroft

We had a great evening playing this game. The Fez I bought in Cairo came in useful for my costume along with the plastic sphinx (£6 E Bay). The game was well researched and is a must for Egyptomaniacs. I’ve already booked my Nile cruise. – Rob Massey

Death by Design

having a great evening

We had great evening that was incredibly well organized by our hosts (this was important!). The names for the characters were really good…It was great to have each session numbered and we all loved the letters. Altogether it was really good fun and we liked the twists and turns in the plot making it plausible that anyone could’ve done Matt Finish ‘in’. Our hosts had arrange ‘phone calls and had a ‘body’ on the patio outside as well as fantastic food and wine. BRILLIANT! – Janet Rees

Liven up a dinner party. Treat your guests to a brilliant murder mystery game with ‘Death by Design’ which is based on the ‘death’ of fictional interior designer Matt Finish.” – Ideal Home ‘Entertain in style’

Death of a Pirate


This was great… all our guest had a lot of fun and the ad-libs were hilarious. Everyone laughed all night. Highly recommended for all. – Kim Nadolny

This was a perfect way to give a party for my 19 year old daughter and her college friends. The planning was so simple and preparing for the party so easy. The guests surprised me by getting more in to their roles that I expected and with the way the game was structured, we had no lulls in the evening. Even the most “Jaded” of her friends commented that it was the best party they had been to even including the ones that did serve alcohol. The clues were great and enough of a challenge to guess the murderer. This was a small group of 11 people. We are going to try the vampire themed murder party at Halloween this year. I highly recommend this particular mystery as the parts are fun and varied. – Kelly Meers

We ran this game as my Hen Night and it was totally awesome!!!!!! A fantastic excuse to dress up in costume and say oohhh aaahhhh mi hearties a lot. I will definitely be giving one of the other games a go in the future. Thank you so much!!! – Vikki

A St Valentine’s Murder Mystery

a Valentine theme

Had a great time at the speak-easy! I would definitely do it again! I would rate it as excellent 4 stars! Brandy Chaser

The scene was set, a dining room set out with a Valentine theme, 20’s music beating in the background, 10 guests in total dressed in period wear with gangster style props. A great plot, good clues ready to lead or mis-lead the guests to the conclusion. 10 out of 10 we all had a great evening with this murder mystery as the catalyst. – Keith Bart Ender

Murder in the Snow

Great names for characters and all the better for guests to use the accent for the character. We were on a skiing holiday so our après ski wear did as fancy dress and some inspiration with a feather duster as a microphone got the party off to a good start. It made a great evenings entertainment which started with the first 4 rounds before dinner and the rest during dinner. Everyone had their characters before the holiday which built on the excitement of the holiday and had the first clue early. – Sue Archer

Everyone really enjoyed the mystery and entered in well. Only one person guessed, so the level of difficulty was quite high but the rationale was sound. – Graham Johnston

This is a great game for anyone who loves a real mystery with a logical solution that can be thought out. The dressing up was really easy and lots of fun. – Alan Jenkins

A Licence to Murder

The spys and associates

Overall a very fun evening. All the guests arrived in character and ready to play. The characters were very creative and the guests really dressed the part and brought great props. . The Bond theme is great. So many ways to get creative with the menu, cocktails, music, pre-party lead-up. Also there are numerous Bond/007 websites for ideas. A fun party theme overall. – Beth

This was so much fun!!! We played with 8 players with only about a week’s notice. We enjoyed the on-line communication with one another. We LOVED the twist at the end… The clues were easy to follow and let everyone enjoy role playing. We can’t wait to play again!! – Christy

Death of a Vampire

Great fun. I love the “full” Vampire experience! – Mary

We had a blast. Everything you could need is provided and it made for a great Halloween party. I’m trying another story line very soon. – Angela Bowman

We had a great time last year doing the party (as hosts) we are once again doing this party but inviting different people. Everyone had a blast and really got into their characters, even the shy ones that we didn’t think would. Everyone came in costumes, they were so easy to come up with and usually stuff from around the house. Great party and I would highly recommend it to anyone. – Jodi Davis

The party was awesome… I run a haunted house every year, but have not had the time to recreate the spook world this year. This is why I chose Vampireland. I had the property (theme park) and the place was decorated to the hilt. Everyone came in character and played their roles to the max. We want to take this show on the road and perform for other groups. I’ll promote this game! – John Turpin (The Haunted Spirit)

It was one of the best parties I have ever thrown. Everyone was so into their characters, we didn’t want the night to end. I would recommend this mystery to anyone how is looking to throw an exceptional party. Thanks Again – Lynne Kennefick

Murder in the Wild West

wild west group

Hi. Just to let you know that we played the Wild West Murder party game last week and it was great fun. I always like the dressing up best and this one was quite easy to do and everyone made a big effort. The game flowed well. Most of the people that played with us hadn’t done a murder party before and were well impressed. – Jacqueline Treacher

Just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic night last Saturday. The party was an outstanding success, a really laugh!!! This was the first time that any of the people had been to one and we found it extremely easy to follow, (in the begging anyway!) before the wine started to flow. – Mark Giannandrea

We played the Wild West and it is by far one of the best games I have played. The costume opportunities were great. I have a picture I will send of the 12. The Bank Manager wore an authentic Bank Tellers uniform from 1870! – Jonathon Rolls, California

Murder on Paradise Island

Thank you for providing us with a great fun evening. We never stopped laughing. We started at 8pm and didn’t finish until 3am! We will be in touch again for the next game – Gill Holden, Hull

We had a blast at the party and we all thought the names of the characters were so clever” – Christy Lowe

“My daughter and her friends played the murder mystery game last Sunday. THEY LOVED IT” – Simon Meller

Murder at the Hop

The singing and participation became louder and louder as the evening went on. There were some hysterical one-liners, and we all agreed the games seem to have moved on immensely since we first started playing them about 5 years ago. – Gill Holden

Death of a Bluesman

Bluesman and guests

A great time was had by all playing Death of a Bluesman.

Murder by Magic

the players of Murder by magic

The hosts and guests for – Murder by Magic.

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